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This song is by The Tunics and appears on the album Somewhere In Somebody's Heart (2008).

She's fine - waiting for the enemy
She'll sell her soul to reach a goal because they'll never let her win
She's high - waiting for the government
She'll let the faces win the races 'cause they'll never let her win
She's got so many little friends
But if you heard the words they said about her when her back's turned
You'd see it's all just a little game
And yeah, they hurt her more than I do
But they love her all the same

To me, you are a work of art
And only when I'm with you can I breathe
And no just play a part in this show
They say 'don't you know'
That the show must go on
And I must go on
Singing these songs
That I don't believe in anymore


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