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What's a Man

This song is by The Travel Agency and appears on the album The Travel Agency (1968).

You've joined the army, have you, son?
To learn to march and fire a gun.
And soon, you'll ???,
And show the world that you're a man.

But what's a man?
Is it something that lives without feeling,
That destroys it's own kind without thinking,
Who in darkness and misunderstanding,
Can destroy itself protecting what it thinks is right?

You say it's part of gettin' older,
To help your country as a soldier,
To travel anywhere and fight there,
And show the people what is right there.

But what is right?
Is it right for a man to be living,
In old slums just because there's (?) incandescent light (?),
So ???
We're content because we're doing everything right.

You can't imagine what I'm thinking,
We've got to fight them while they're small,
Or their disease will soon be spreading,
And then we'll never kill them all.

But must you kill?
Didn't you know, my friend, that by killing,
You committed all mankind's most selfish (?) sin,
And if ??? disease that you're fearing
You must work to make your country stronger then.


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