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Times Are Passing Us By

This song is by The Tragically Hip.

Say goodbye to my old wisdom change
Proved me wrong proved me wrong one more time
The nights are long and the days feel the same
With the great times are passing us by

Forgone our own friendly wind path the same
It hits me that we were young and immature
Things may change but I think of the names
Faces friendships not purchased for gold

When I moan cry and grieve I remember the day
When you led me to see things the same
Times had come you weren't living there no more
But I don't mind 'cause the thought still remains

Times are passing us by I wonder why you leave me so cold inside

I've been pressed to remember the
Est see your faces one at one time
Why resist can't resolve or relive
It's the choice we are sheep but not blind

Living dreams ain't denied what we've seen
With excuses time slips on by
What we've been doesn't say half we've been
To the friends that we leave when we die

Tell me tell me
When it's gone it's gone it's gone
When it's gone it's gone it's gone
It's gone for good

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