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The Right Whale

This song is by The Tragically Hip and appears on the The Right Whale film on the bonus features DVD of Hipeponymous (2005).

The hoot perception equals late response
Equals abrupt response
If you change your mind
No problem
If you live too long
No problem
If you're sure they've stopped wondering about you by now
No problem
Go to sleep
Sound dive to your forever place
No one on earth is doing this right now
Leave the black counter top
The blood stars and the great blonde moon
There'll be some more blowing and drifting while you sleep
Awake to a virtual fraud of a morning
A world without a care
A world dark but for some laggard stars
And a postponement of a great blonde rose over there
Water emptied of spectacular accidents and war without a care
Sentenced to paradise
Nobody's casualty
Nobody there

Written by:

Baker, Downie, Fay, Langlois, Sinclair

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