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This song is by The Tragically Hip.

I had a real good crime in the back of my mind you know
Doing my best to get it all out taking nothing I'm wondering (?)
I'm making a stand on a dead man's hand it's just like aces and eights
Swallowing hard in the back of some car it's the fate of the jack of all stakes

And I know stupid and stoned had to travel alone just to open our gates
And I know now they're spitting out skulls for the thrill of it all is of coming out scathed

Yeah the wondering's a gift for a man set adrift find the shortest way back to shore
The love you compose is the beauty you chose nothing less than or something more

Scathe his soul save his soul man never knows

When moving the earth is losing its worth you can pack up and take it home
Taking your pass like a man who doesn't last all your talk and a pile of stone
I had a real good crowd in the back of my mind no it's no fucking masterpiece
I've been murdering doubts just to get it all out listen man this is something at least

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