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Reformed Baptist Blues

This song is by The Tragically Hip.

Comely woman why you treating me this way?
Got religion instead of loving now you're praying
(Got religion instead of loving on your brain)
You know I know I was everything you need
Traded good times for a reverend's guarantees

I ain't no preaching man don't know what to do
I got those slowly sinking reformed baptist blues

Now you wake me when I should be sleeping in
Drag me out to your place of worshipping
Missed the football now for six weeks in a row
It's depressing to this man from golden door
(It's depressing yeah but damn I'm going to go)

Absolution is a bummer I have found
Re-baptism is just another way to drown
God's salvation doesn't interest me at all
Found the answer at the bottom of a bottle

Now you curse me every time I tell a lie
Trade my gold chains for starched black pants and ties
Can't beseech you that our marriage is a fraud
Can't get screwed around when the other guy is god

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