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Psychedelic Ramblings Of Rich Kids

This song is by The Tragically Hip.

I hide away inside when you disappear
You use some friends that will always be here
You knew me well a long time ago
I'm really much older how's it show?
(I knew it was so but wasn't sure)
We must stay away but you're not the same
(Well we're still baby but you're not the same)
I know the things and I'll just get blamed
(I know the face but I just can't place the name)
Three years from now where I want to do
(Well we're here in the now well what do we do?)
You think of me and just now you knew
(You think of me I'm just a guy you knew)
A piece of is smashed on the highway
(Another summer's passed only I'll be here)
You knew what you had now you know what you need
(You need what you have now you know what you need)
Well we're still here but there's something changed
And I know now I'm not the one to blame
Been kind of lonely things that feel this way
(You knew what I wanted in a dubious way)
Laugh and you tell me you no longer ?????
(You laugh and you tell me you're lonely baby)
I wish I could change the way you feel
I wish I could tell you that the lies are real
(I wish I could never have to lie so real)
You let returning that you know my name
I've been on the run but it's just the same
(I've grown older just to say you're lame)