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If She's Seventeen

This song is by The Tragically Hip.

I'm finding
If she's seventeen she's lying
The city's mean to dying
For bridegrooms there isn't room for crying
The light of dreams holds her grace
She'll stay all night get off me
I'm seeing stars you're not as white as you could be
(I buy you)
(If she's seventeen she's lying)
(The city's mean to die in)
(And drive through)
(There isn't room for crying)
(The light it's red it won't turn green)
(She'll stay all night get off me)
(And I'll see you smile)
(You're not his one as you could be)
My heart is full of bourbon
And my racing mind needs curbing
I'm so low I'm so low it's disturbing
The wind blows hair from your face
Your eyes swell back to the place you're going
I'm so low I'm so low I'm so low it's snowing

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