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Heart Attack Love

This song is by The Tragically Hip.

Steps in class when you're late no grace
Hanging round the doorway like you own the place
I feel I'm fixed to your "missed a seat today"ing
They warned me about you baby but I did it anyway

I can't believe it I need it all night long
And yes I mean it I seen it I can't be wrong

Well my eyes go funny and my pants get tight
I'm thinking about you baby what we're doing tonight
Spending the night here alone or staying out late

Well it's the end again heart attack love
And it's the end again heart attack love

I think of you when I think of grace
I feel I'm fixed to your many craze
I can't help thinking 'bout you must've been the end
The circum intent was wrong but babe you better beware

Because I need it I've seen it all night long
It doesn't mean it I need it it can't be wrong

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