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My Evil Girlfriend

This song is by The Traceelords.

Who keeps changing all the time?
Impossible to please
Who is worse than Leatherface
And Mrs Vorhees?

Who is singing songs of love
Like birds in the trees?
And who's the one whose way to exit
Is going piece by piece?

My evil girlfriend

Who pulls the ropes around my neck
T-t-tighter every day?
Who looks like sent from heaven
Like a saint in every way?

Who is purring like a cat
And scratching just for fun?
You shrug your shoulders
You lick your palms

The damage has been done
Spare me the love stuff
That's beneath my dignity
I love you anyway

Who are you?
What do you want from me?
Who are you?
Please don't stop lovin' me
Don't stop lovin' me


Written by:

Andreas Brings; Haan Hartmann

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