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Take No Heroes

This song is by The Tough Alliance and appears on the EP Make It Happen (2004) and on the album The New School (2005).

Ice Cube
Brian, Jackie Wilson
Always make me feel strong
Paul & Joe & Mick
CeCe, Kevin, Vic
Tim & Leroy Burgess
Always at my Service
Alton, Barry, Scott
They take me to the top

Take no heroes
Only inspiration

Prince & Loleatta
Make it all seem better
Barrington & Buzzcocks
Lift me from the chaos
Richie, Sam & Debbie
When everything feels heavy
Jim & William Reed
Sometimes it seems like all I'll ever need

Take no heroes
Only inspiration

Sean William Ryder!

Snoop Dogg
Henkan & Curtis
Show me that it's worth it
The sound of young Scotland
Always holds my hand

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