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Make It Happen

This song is by The Tough Alliance and appears on the EP Make It Happen (2004).

Let's make it happen
We'll meet at your place
Let's make it happen
I've been waiting for days
Let's make it happen
Boy I need to breathe
Hey you know me, I've got a need for speed
A need for speed

Forget about labour
It's time to wake the neighbours

Let's make it happen
Turn up the bass
Wherever we go we will take over the place
Let's make it happen
It's in the air
I'd sell my soul for this to last forever

Shake, shake it baby
They can't touch us tonight
Shake, shake it baby
They can't touch us, no one can touch us tonight

And if someone tries to disturb this groove
This someone sure made a fucked up move
Call the police, it won't spoil our plans
Against my baseball bat no one has a chance
No one has a chance

Big city, bright lights, cool people

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