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​Under Her Spell

This song is by The Tony Rich Project and appears on the album Words (1996).

There's somethin' that you need to know
She's got a heart filled with coal
Many come, but many don't go
As a result of her magnetic force
But I ain't even goin' out like that
I'm so tired of watchin' my back
So tell me what I'm gonna do
Now that she's got me under her spell
So tell me what I'm gonna say
Now that she's got me changin' my ways-
A hooker with a mind and her hunger grows
She could rip into your soul
The weaker you are the quicker she swirls
She's on a mission to destroy your world
So you betta watch yourself real good
Don't be fooled by her sexy looks
She's diggin' into you she's eating you
You were her child make it worth her while
And if she's hurtin' you
It's 'cause she's wanting you into her mouth
I got you dreamin' about me don't I
Yeah, all the time
Now you think about me every day
I got you locking your keys in your car
You even forget to eat sometimes
I got you, it's okay, let go, I got you