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The Story of the Man That Went Out Shooting

This song is by The Tiger Lillies and appears on the album Shockheaded Peter: A Junk Opera (1998).

This is the man that shoots the hare
This is the coat he wears
With game bag powder horn and gun
He's going to have some fun

The hare sits in the leaves and grass
And laughs to see the green man pass

And as the sun gets very hot
And he a heavy gun has got
The lays down under a tree
And goes to sleep as you can see

The hare sneaks up hip hop
Takes the gun and then hops off

The green man wakes and sees the hare's face
With the gun shoved in his face
Well he screams and runs away
The hare chases him all day

That hare is trying all that she can
To shoot the sleepy green coat man

Help help help help help
Help help help help help ...
Fire the hare

At last he stumbles at a well
Arse over tit and in he fell
The hare takes aim and hark
Bang goes the gun and hits the mark
Bang bang bang bang

The hare's
The green man's wife
Was drinking her coffee
From her coffee cup
The hare shot cup and saucer through
And then the hare shot her too

Help help help help help
Help help help help help ...
Fire the hare

Well the hare's own child the little hare
Lived by the cottage there
And as she stood upon her toes
The hare shot her through the nose

She died with nose in hand
And she didn't understand
And then the hare put the gun to her head
And bang went the gun and she too was
Dead dead dead dead

Dead dead dead dead
Help fire the hare