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​Lending Song

This song is by The Tiger Lillies and appears on the album Die Weberischen (2006).

My dearest brother and friend
Your friendship I'll have till the end
Embolden to ask a great favour of you
Forty florins I'm aware I still owe you
But alas make me so bold as to pray
You lend me more money today

The lending song, the lending song

Dearest most beloved friend
God, I'm in a predicament
I wouldn't my worst, I wouldn't my worst
Worst enemy lend
If you my dearest friend now abandon me
Then my poor sick wife and child
Are all lost at sea
So could you perhaps lend me
Six hundred florins in money
I'll remain your obedient servant
And be so friendly

Lending song...

My most cherished friend and dearest brother
A thousand or two thousand florins Could you cover
For a year or two oooor maybe for another
You'll be rendering me an incomparable service brother

Lending song