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Bankrobbers Blues

This song is by The Tiger Lillies and appears on the album Low Life Lullabies (1998).

Well just out of prison streets seem so cold and blue
Don't know what to do
Family don't want me and I'm feeling blue

Well walk into a bank and put a gun to the cashier's head
The cashier presses an alarm now the cashier is dead
I fill her full of lead

Well have-a-go hero thinks he knows what to do
He tries to rush me now he's dead too
Well I ain't got any money I feel blue

A policeman walks in and he's got a gun
I beat him to the trigger his life is gone
I make for the exit but in comes another one

Bang bang bang go our guns
I hit in the head his blood starts to run
I make for the midday sun

Police are waiting for me my life flashes by
I know I'm gonna die
If you got a conscience for me you can cry

Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
If you got a conscience
Bank robber blue

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