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Last Thing He Saw Was The Moon

This song is by The Thorpes.

1st Verse
He's waiting for school to come,
He's not outside he's on the run
The friendly man helps him cross the road
The friendly man is on his own
A crossing closed it looks for fun
My eyes are closed what's going on
When I pass do they look at he
Already he's waiting for quarter past three

But he's not at home
Mother rings the phone
Father sit's at home
Wounder where he'd go?

Well the last thing he saw was the moon x2

2nd Verse
Pills and drink under his bed
He took them away his father said
He waits for the bus for the crack
And see's the boy walking past
Arguments behind closed doors
He wants to know what's going on
They talk again from down the stairs
Or in his head?, but know one cares

Chrous x4

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