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Now I Know

This song is by The Thorns and appears on the album The Thorns (2003) and on the single Runaway Feeling (2003).

I'll start again.
(We're recording.)
I'm sorry, he didn't see you, all right?
A-one, two,

Now I know;
And I'm never gonna be the same
I looked in your heart (I looked in your heart)
And I saw (and I saw)
In my soul. (in my soul.)
I felt (I felt)
Darkness pull. (darkness pull.)

Now I (Now I)
Can't explain. (can't explain.)
The sky (The sky)
Only rains. (only rains.)

Now I (Now I)
Know (know)
That it really can't be any other (That it really can't be any other)
Way. (way.)
((It can't be any other))
I looked in your eyes (I looked in your eyes) ((way.))
And I cried (And I cried)
For my life; (for my life;)
For your life (For your life)
Is a lie. (is a lie.)

Now I (Now I)
Can't explain. (can't explain.)
The sky (The sky)
Only rains. (only rains.)
Is it me? (Is it me?)


  • Producer: Brendan O'Brien
  • Composers: Matthew Sweet
  • Lyricists: Matthew Sweet
  • Arrangers: Paul Buckmaster, Ricky Keller
  • Conductors: Paul Buckmaster, Ricky Keller
  • Musicians:
    • Roy Bittan - Electric piano, stringed piano
    • Rob Brill - Percussion (brushes on cardboard box), tambourine
    • Pete Droge - Vocals, Zildjian cymbals, drums, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, ukelin, ukulele
    • Jim Keltner - Drums
    • Greg Leisz - Electric dulcimer, 12-string acoustic guitar, 12-string electric guitar, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, mandola, mandolin
    • Tony Marsico - Upright bass
    • Shawn Mullins - Vocals, dulcimer, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, high-strung guitar, keyboards, percussion, vihuela
    • Brendan O'Brien - Bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass harmonica, hurdy gurdy, keyboards, marxophone, percussion
    • Matthew Sweet - Vocals, bass, mountain dulcimer, 6-string acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, marxophone, percussion, baritone ukulele, vihuela
  • Engineering: David Bianco (Sunset Session), Billy Bowers, Nick DiDia, Karl Egsieker, Alex Lowe, Dan Rudin
  • Digital Editing: Ryan Castle (Pro Tools) (Sunset Session)
  • Mastering: Bob Ludwig
  • Art Direction: Josh Cheuse, Gail Marowitz
  • Graphic Design: James C. Hunter


  • A live version of this song is available on iTunes (Tuesday, July 8, 2003).

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