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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Straight Edge Song by Skin Flutes
  2. Win Or Lose by East Bay Mud
  3. Big Man by Corrupted Morals
  4. Gloria by Neighborhood Watch
  5. Not One Of Mine by Tommy Rot
  6. Cottlestone Pie by Cringer
  7. Banana Smell Funny Sonata In G by Boo! Hiss! Pfftlb!
  8. The Incredible Blue Moustache Of Mr. Tinselteeth by Eyeball
  9. Happy Now by Isocracy
  10. 29 Degrees by Kamala & The Karnivores
  11. On And On by Bitch Fight
  12. Tied/Tried by Plaid Retina
  13. Common Inconsistencies by Neurosis
  14. We Must Do Something Now by Complete Disorder
  15. Product Of Misdirection by Well Hung Monks
  16. Broken Strings by Swollen Boss Toad
  17. Life Sucks by Vomit Launch
Disc 2
  1. Abadoned Beer Messiah by Relief Society
  2. Boredom Zone by The Mr. T Experience
  3. Vagina Envy by Sewer Trout
  4. No Way Back by The Vagrants
  5. Andorra by Sweet Baby
  6. Don't Lick My Leg by Stikky
  7. What!?! by No Use For A Name
  8. Extreme Racial Pride by Surrogate Brains
  9. Outside by The Lookouts
  10. Jackknifed Rig by Capitol Punishment
  11. Summertime by Crimpshrine
  12. In My Past by Spent
  13. Change by Raskul
  14. Controversy by Tribe Of Resistance
  15. Day Of Sun by Nuisance
  16. Hangin' Out by Operation Ivy
  17. Bee Sting by Steel Pole Bath Tub

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