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Tear Garden

This song is by The Tear Garden and appears on the album Tired Eyes Slowly Burning (1987).

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Our lady on the balcony in black and red
The band plays stronger
Spinning back we tread on broken glass
Our heels dig harder
I circle round inside your belt
I felt your heart race faster
Our eyes met with the eyes fixed in the sky
All seeing, knowing, probing, to the bottom of our souls
On tear garden
On tear garden
You moaned
We shivered
We cowered in the corner
We watch the arms go flying rigid
Heard them call his name again
Pressed our hands to our ears
We waited for the rain
Waiting for the gentle rain to fall on tear garden
Waiting for the gentle rain to fall on tear garden
Tear garden


The Tiergarten Nürnberg is a zoo located southeast of Nuremberg, Germany. The Tiergarten was founded on 11 May 1912 on the site of the Bavarian State Exhibition at the Luitpoldhain. Soon after they came to power in 1933 the Nazis designated Nuremberg as place for their annual party rallies. To demonstrate their power they planned a set of gigantic buildings. Only a fraction of these were actually built. After the Nazis seized power, the Tiergarten had to give way for the Nazi Party Rally Grounds (German:Reichsparteitagsgelände) at the Dutzendteich and was closed in February 1939. In May 1939, the new Tiergarten could be opened in the Reichswald at the Schmausenbuck. It was almost completely destroyed after World war II and rebuilt at the end of the 1950's.

The song the Tear Garden, (and in a way the concept of the rest of the group's releases) is based on the concept of a growing horror, in which it describes a group of people watching one of the Nazi Rallies at the Tiergarten (of which the title is a wordplay). Nuremburg also inspired the saga of "The Tower".

Our Lady makes an appearance again - this time in Red and Black, so we have a combination of these two ideas. See some of the notes to the Legendary Pink Dots songs entitled "Our Lady of..." and "The Red and the Black". Red and Black were, of course the colours of the Nazi party.

Broken Glass is another reference to the "Night of Broken Glass" - see the note under the Legendary Pink Dots song "Under Glass" from the album "Any Day Now".

Watching the arms go flying rigid is a reference to the Nazi salute, as they cry out the name of Hitler. Our observers press their hands to their ears, and wait for more gentle times to come.

Tear Garden is a sad and beautiful name, as it evokes images of a flower garden watered by tears, or a garden of tears itself that grows as one becomes aware of each new tragedy.

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