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Evening TV

This song is by The Tangent and appears on the album Le Sacre Du Travail (2013).

1) Yours Is So Displaced

2) La Famille Bertillon (Chez Eux)

The Nine-To-Five-rs hit the sofa in the lounge,
The Five-Till-Midnights put more coal on the National Grid,
Those ITV soaps need extra megawatts,
As workers tire of adverts from the people they've been working for all day.
Put the kettle on! It's time to relax,
Put the kettle on! We need a few laughs.

We have a peephole to the corridors of power,
We have a portal to wealth and fame in front of us,
It's our reward for toiling, chomping at the bit,
Waiting for a time when we can break the ties and blow it all away.
Put the kettle on! It's time to relax,
Put the kettle on! We need a few laughs.

Always thought that there was something more,
More than this...
Evening cups of tea and shows you just can't miss,
Never wonder, never wonder how,
It's all we seem to want right now.

We're right here at home, just like we should be,
Like in a textbook from school, "Le Francais D'Aujourd Hui"
La Famille Bertillon (Mere et Pere, Grand Mere et Grand Pere),
Le Sacre Du Travail, La Famille Nucleaire.

We're Nine-To-Five-rs and they know what turns us on,
They know what shows we watch, where we go and for how long,
We filled in questionnaires, we did it all our lives,
Whether we picked up the paper doesn't matter,
They decide who we are.

3) La Famille Nucleaire (Chez Nous)

The Nine-To-Five-rs breathe a huge sigh of relief,
The News at Ten is over, (no more shit about their equity).
Grab some Merlot from the kitchen, on the rack,
Or make some chocolate, head for bed with a book, get ready for the day.
Tomorrow looks just the same as the same,
DJ's on computers finding factoids again,
Round and round it goes,
Round and round.

4) The Albone Rhythm

5) Singing 'Frere Jacques' For All Eternity

And so tomorrow? - Well the whole thing starts again,
With Fog and Rain at Blubberhouses, traffic jams and supervisors,
When are you you? You seem so far away,
You can't take it with you but you can try for yet another day.

Put the kettle on.

6) Coming Up On The Hour

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