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Coming Up On The Hour (Overture)

This song is by The Tangent and appears on the album Le Sacre Du Travail (2013).

The Previi of course were old enough to remember when all the stuff used to work, and would charm people by telling more and more incredible stories about a world, where every morning 50 million people on this island woke up and had to be at least 30 miles away from where they woke up within an hour. They spent around eight hours of the 24 that made up a day in a place that they did not want to be, doing something which apparently they did not like doing. When they had finished, they went back 30 miles to the place they woke up at, and their reward for doing this task was to be paid some token amount which allowed them to temporarily call themselves the owner of a small building. With the remaining eight hours, they used to do bodily functions like eat and wash, have sex, and do something called "watching TV".

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