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This song is by The T4 Project and appears on the album Story-Based Concept Album (2008).

A cold metallic breath of the day beats down another memory
Of what this place was like before we caved into this fantasy
So here we waited impatiently with our purpose, cause, and our medicine
Selling what hope we find, a lesson learned always fades in time (time)
And a moment lost in time (time)
Is a life we left behind

Mark this grave an island
I'll be vigilant
Forever true
The cities are all tombs
Where the ice-capped shores of time do not run dry
Wash me of my sins at the altar of the company's extended hand
Sell my darkest secrets so you can
Find a way to understand
I never ask so they never tell me (tell me)
Exactly what they're trying to sell me
A hunger-strike in the New Brave World

We are not your property
Made to bleed, to kill for greed
Fight and die to increase your might?
No I won't, I will not fight
My life, my world, I won't destroy
For your need to rape the earth of oil
You have the means to end us all
I dream of a world where you are gone
(Go fuck your fucking war)
(Go fuck your fucking war)
(Go fuck your fucking war)
Go fuck your fucking war

And a moment lost in time (time)
Is a life we left behind


  • Drums by Spike T. Smith
  • Bass by Jay Bentley
  • Guitar by Fletcher Dragge and Shannon Saint Ryan
  • Vocals by Jason Cruz and Shannon Saint Ryan
  • Composed and produced by Shannon Saint Ryan

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