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What A World, What A World

This song is by The Swirling Eddies and appears…

I could stay in California -- stay a little dim
But there's a light bulb on in my head
I might move out east to some college town
Study big thick books -- turn my fortune around
Roll L.A. river roll
And take me to a better world

Ooooh ____________
To where the streets are lined with gold

Now I could drive some old car through the desert tonight
Sleep on hotel sheets all soft and white
I will stop at the Mystery Spot, see water run up hill
I know I can make it, I'm convinced I will
Roll L.A. river roll
And take me to a better world

Where the sun shines all day
And the children laugh and play

(What a world, what a world)
I can see it all in my dreams
(What a world, what a wonderful world)
And I really wanna make that scene
Where the people are nice, and the air is clean
What a beautiful world it must be
I believe I have found the river of life
It flows like blood through my veins
I hear a pounding like a heart beat
I can hear the thunder bringing the diamond rain

I could stay in California, but I'd die in these streets
There's a pearly mansion here in my head
I see a light like the sun where the children run
If I could move these legs, I'd turn my fortunes around
Roll L.A. river roll
Roll over me

To where the streets are lined with gold
And God is on His throne

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