The Swirling Eddies:Hell Oh Lyrics

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Hell Oh

This song is by The Swirling Eddies and appears on the album Outdoor Elvis (1989).

This song has been covered by Daniel Amos under the title "Hell Oh".
Is anyone here?
You don't get the picture
Hell glows bright and clear
And I'm just a cynic talking about a white-bleached sepulchre
I'm bringing ants to your picnic
They're feeding on a dead man's bones

Countdown to tribulation, oh, oh, oh, oh

Isn't it clear?
Have I failed to tell you?
Heaven is oh so near
There once was a cynic who talked about a white-bleached sepulchre
I'm the bee at your picnic who stung you 'til you had to run home

Countdown to occupation, oh, oh, oh, oh

Countdown to salvation, oh, oh, oh, oh