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Driving In England

This song is by The Swirling Eddies and appears on the album Outdoor Elvis (1989) and on the compilation The Berry Vest Of (1995).

Some people get so bored
They start turning into cannibals
Eat each other's hearts out
Like the sacrifice to animals
Deep-freeze their own souls
Shut down their brains
I think the only way to go is against the grain

I was driving in England down the Santa Ana freeway
Somebody's screaming out
"You're going down the wrong way!"

They wanna believe the worst
Do they believe in anything?
Shoot their own wounded
Sacrifice their offspring
Don't you get too cynical
They'll put you on a cross
Some leaders are tyrannical
And everyone's a boss

Roadblock on the road to glory
Gridlock on the golden highway
I'll stop at nothing to get to You

Big surprise
We're still alive!

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