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(Disco) Love Grapes

This song is by The Swirling Eddies and appears on the album Zoom Daddy (1994) and on the compilation The Berry Vest Of (1995).

Staggering blow to your power poles
Cancelled flight to your withering heights
Wonder crust to your blunder bust
A quesling kink in a leaky sink
Your jive is shucked, your luck is up
Your days are cursed, you liver's worse
Your ham is pressed, your more is less
And the harvest white, the time is right

God's little acre grows the fruits of labor
Do 'em a favor, sooner or later
No love is greater than to love your neighbor
Will you, won't you, will you pick some...


Love grapes
Drink a little wine from the fruit of the vine
Grow love grapes
Everybody's gassed, saved the best for last
Stomp love grapes
Pick a bottle up, fill another man's cup
(Drink) love grapes
Squeeze another bunch, gotta beat em' to the punch, yeah

Rotate your crops as another shoe drops
Go to ramming speed in your damning greed
There's sponge in the bells and poison in the wells
A fly in the soup, a moth in the suit
God's little acre grows the fruits of labor
Do em' all a favor, yeah sooner or later
No love is greater than to love your neighbor
Duty free and beauty be some...


Will you won't you, will you won't you
Won't you pick some love grapes?

If you are not satisfied
Move on out to the country side
Where the mountains's high and the river's wide
Lose your cool and bury your pride

Plant your seeds and water a spell
Become a famer in the dell
There are peppers grown on the shore of hell
So quench your thirst and do it well with

Love grapes ("abide in me, I am the vine")
Love grapes ("abide in me, and drink the wine")
Pretty pretty love grapes
Love grapes

Written by:

Terry Scott Taylor, Tim Chandler, and David Raven

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