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Let's Spin (1988)Edit

The Swirling Eddies - Let's Spin
Let's Spin
  1. Let's Spin!
  2. Catch That Angel
  3. The Unsuccessful Dutch Missionary
  4. The Big Guns
  5. Rodeo Drive
  6. Ed Takes A Vacation (A Suite)
  7. Snowball
  8. I've Got An Idea
  9. Don't Ask Me How I Feel
  10. Ed Again
  11. What A World, What A World

Outdoor Elvis (1989)Edit

The Swirling Eddies - Outdoor Elvis
Outdoor Elvis
  1. Outdoor Elvis
  2. Driving In England
  3. Urban Legends
  4. Tiny Town
  5. Attack Of The Pulpit Masters
  6. Mystery Babylon
  7. Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party
  8. Hell Oh
  9. Blowing Smoke
  10. Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here
  11. Hold Back The Wind, Donna
  12. Knee Jerk
  13. Don't Hate Yourself
  14. All The Way To Heaven
  15. Rubber Sky
  16. Coco The Talking Guitar
  17. Yer Little Gawd
  18. Billy Graham
  19. Potential
  20. Strange Days
  21. Elimination (The Band That Won't Go Away)

Zoom Daddy (1994)Edit

The Swirling Eddies - Zoom Daddy
Zoom Daddy
  1. I Had A Bad Experience With The C.I.A. And Now I'm Gonna Show You My Feminine Side
  2. Mr. Sharky
  3. (Disco) Love Grapes
  4. Nightmare At The Elk's Lodge
  5. The Golden Girl Of The Golden West
  6. Sweet Mother Of God
  7. The Twist
  8. God Went Bowling
  9. Multipurpose Man
  10. Pyro Sets A Wildfire
  11. Some Friendly Advice
  12. Art Carney's Dream
  13. Holy, Holy, Holy
  14. Zoom Daddy

The Berry Vest Of (1995)Edit

The Swirling Eddies - The Berry Vest Of
The Berry Vest Of
  1. (Disco) Love Grapes
  2. Driving In England
  3. The Golden Girl Of The Golden West
  4. What A World, What A World
  5. I've Got An Idea
  6. Pyro Sets A Wildfire
  7. Outdoor Elvis
  8. Strange Days
  9. Let's Spin!
  10. Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party
  11. Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here
  12. Billy Graham
  13. Catch That Angel
  14. The Unsuccessful Dutch Missionary / The Big Guns
  15. Like Lazarus
  16. The Twist
  17. With The Tired Eyes Of Faith
  18. Glorious Dregs

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