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​Stick In My Hand

This song is by The Swimming Pool Q's and appears on the album The Deep End (1981).

Last night, I had a dream...
I went back to my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.
The only problem is:
I've never been there in my life!

I was dressed up like Moses; I had a sheet on me.
I had a dirty ol' cleanin' mop fer a beard.
And, in my hand...
In my hand was a cane.

And, I hope nothin' ever happens to me...
Nothin' oughta happen to me...
Nothin' better happen to me...
In my life...
...Like that...

Oh no, not again!

I'm goin' back to Jackson with a stick in my hand...
I spoke with Jesus last night.
He come down out the sky; He was a Flamin' Man
He gived me a fright!

He said:
"Hop a freight for Mississippi. Forget about Ol' Cincinnati."
My mortal soul was in jeopardy; I had to obey.
I knew Baby Jesus was the only way
Back to Jackson with a stick in my hand!

I donned a linen sheet; I had a dusty old mop
That I put on my face.
He handed me a cane and some orders from the top,
It was to be a test case

It was after dark when I hopped off that train.
I walked to the Jackson Rattler football game.
The Booster Club stared at my beard when I walked through that gate:
"I'm a buddy of the Saviour's, and I get a cut rate!"

I walked on the field; I stopped the Marching Band.
When I climbed up that scoreboard, I had a stick in my hand!

Get thee behind me!

I looked down... The goal posts became big, wigglin' snakes!
All those Rattler fans had the shakes!
The crowd cut and ran when they saw some fa-a-ang.
I was cryin' mercy, but, still them serpents sprang.

They bit the boosters!

I'm back in Cincinnati with some cuffs on my hands; I lead a cushioned life.
When, in my padded cell appears a Flamin' Man; He said that I had done right.
He lays me down, fully rest-assured of my glorious fate:
Cuttin' fool with St. Peter at the Pearly Gate!

M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I... I... I'm...

Goin' back to Jackson with a stick in my hand...!

Written by:

Jeff Calder