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Rat Bait

This song is by The Swimming Pool Q's and appears on the album The Deep End (1981).

He comes from Butchville
Over by the Cape
Watch it! Rat Bait

Somethin' 'bout him makes a dogs ears stiff up
He's ugly as homemade sin
Ain't no storm fencing hold him in
His real name is Roy
Roy Rat Bait
You can call him any old thing
Just don't call him late
Watch it! Rat Bait
Watch it! Rat Bait

Roy's like a cow with a bloodshot eye
He's got a short fuse
He left a scar on me
He took the skin right off my nose
And the back route out of town
He suffers with dyspepsia
Watch it! Rat Bait
Watch it! Rat Bait

He comes from Butchville right by the Cape! Rat Bait!

He drives a small American make
Fits his cat-breath aluminum style
You know his jaw sticks out a mile
Dashboard open ashtray smile
Watch it! Rat Bait
Watch it! Rat Bait
Don't stop if he blows when you pass him by


Written by:

Jeff Calder, Bob Elsey

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