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This song is by The Suburbs and appears on the album Suburbs (1986).

In the sixties, there was acid
The love was intense
The seventies I spent drinking
I can't remember them
Now it's the eighties
I float into space
The star garden, crystalline cave
That's where you'll find me
Playing with fire
Open my eyes under the melting sheets of stars

I've been searching high and low
Drinking from the Fountain of Youth
I've gotta have something more
Gotta get the superlove

My fingers are electric
My round eyes filled with light
New darkness around me
As the coal moon shatters the night
This love is stone, baby
Stronger than me
I wear the gray face of terror
Into a darkness growing
I plunge into the dark

I'm doing all that I can
Stand in the smoke of doing it
I'll do anything for it
I'll do anything, anything for you

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