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Number 9

This song is by The Suburbs and appears on the album Suburbs (1986).

When I was a young man
I used to play this game
In my head
On the surface I was shy
Underneath it I was sly
Unleashed if underfed

Anyway, I'd play this game
With my girl
Where we'd count to ten
Ten meant it's time for bed
But the funny thing was
I could never get past number nine

One two three four
Five six seven eight

We'd go to her house
Try to set the night on fire
Blow out the lights
Crank up the tunes
Till we can't get no higher
Our biggest fear
Her mom and dad come home
Knocking down the door
I said, "Cut the small talk baby,
They're not here no more!"
Take my hand
Ten steps to never-never land

All I want is you
But every time I get to nine
You draw the line
And all I can do is imagine ten

Now I'm a man
Running wild
In the lonely night
Yo, give me a sign
We'll blow past nine
Ten, eleven...
All the way to heaven

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