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Life Is Like

This song is by The Suburbs and appears on the album Suburbs (1986).

Once upon a time
There was a boy and girl
Lived in a garden
In an empty world
Took a bite, and had a fight
Boys and girls
That's what life is like

There was a dream
Buried in a cloud
Where is the love?
I need it now
Saw the moon
Climbing out of the ground
I had a feeling
Tried to get it down

Life is like
A summer's evening
Life is how
You feel right now
Life is like
I think tonight
Feels like life
Life is like

I took a walk
Through the neighborhood
News on the tube
Don't make me feel so good
I saw a crowd
Just standing around
Is there no feeling?
Did the love go wrong?
Life is free
But you don't get
Something for nothing

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