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It Really Makes Me Wonder

This song is by The Stupid Stupid Henchmen, features MC Devlin and appears on the album Charmingly Demonic (2008).

(MC devlin:)
Yo, you don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me, I'm a loner, a rebel
I still remember when my owner assembled me from like thousands of pieces of rotten cadavers
Now I'm lost in the caverns, gettin' wicked like David Seville of the chipmunks

And all I want are my two front teeth to enjoy this meal in the back of my trunk

(MC devlin:)
And I swing and I swang and I swung and I hope you brought the young
'Cause I'm here to mate and by mate I mean eat your children while they're fast asleep

Loosen up my belt to ingest the dead
Chemically unstable inside my head
Sold my marbles to a man with a hook
He was trading me life for his hand that I took

(MC devlin:)
Check the cortecca y'all cyborg girls I'm an analog man in a digital world
Layin' down thoughts on the 4-track, tryin' to analyze life with a thorn in my thorax
Picnicking in the rain on electric blankets still plugged into the wall
I ain't a rebel with a cause, I am a rebel on the scene with adamantium claws

Kryptonite kills the flow of the rudeboy game but I'm still ruder than Lex
'Cause I wanna cop a feel with April O'Neil, find the secret of the ooze just to get that sex
And I heard one day when you go down low, you gotta rub the beam to hear the Star Wars theme
A wookie told me "uh-oh", that place is a "no-no"
Got to homeplate with C-3-P-O
Caught in a mix up (mix up) tryin' to fix up your fallopian straw with my Mechanical Claw
My German chorizo lubed up in Crisco

I crumble MCs like Nabisco in Frisco

(MC devlin:)
Sawed the legs off of Big D's table
Rude girls trippin' on my microphone cable
I plowed through Nitro and Tower
Take Lace to the place and waste time for an hour

Sometimes it really makes me wonder, what I gotta do to keep from going under
Sometimes it really makes me wonder, what I gotta do to keep from going under

(MC devlin:)
Never bit the bait, but the bait bit me 'cause I got mad hits and these young girls won't let me be

It was only a crime under 17

(MC devlin:)
I was on the scene like a sex machine, then every single thing below my waste turned green
So I hit up the doc for some topical lube
Then I used the tube to get rude in the room on a Tuesday night in the TV light I was feelin' all right (all right)
As an Indian woman with a jewel in her nose, entered my room in the catwoman clothes

Took a personal day, she caressed me down
To my toes, then up to my crown
I'm alone no more but I'm still a loner
Still rebel at heart put my bat mask on
Yo Ma, can I iron my cape later on?

(MC devlin:)
Rock on till the break of dawn
Fall asleep and wake up in the neighbor's lawn

Hey, yo, don't get me wrong, no ounce of guilt I play women like Wilt
And when they tell me that's nothing but net
My heads up high, 'cause it's all I could get

(MC devlin:)
Soylent green is a delicacy
In a rich hood, where the eatin' is good
I did it like this and I did it like that
And I did it with the Louisville wood and the wiffle ball bat and the soft ball metal
I'm a boiling kettle on a hot coal stove
I found myself but I lost my soul
Still it's all chill 'cause I'm just so goddamn ill

(BRIDGE- sung simultaneously)
I really gotta fix my shit so when you come on by I'm feelin' fly
I'll show you 'round to the circuit room
It's kinda cold in there so let's up the heat