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Tucker's Grave

This song is by The Stranglers and appears on the album Norfolk Coast (2004).

Committed a crime that no longer exists
Was left at the crossroads at a place that is jinxed
Committed a crime against god and his king
All that's left is a cider drinking inn

See my summer soon

Sit around telling stories by the fire
About the good old days and the things they had for hire
So my friend if you're feeling especially brave
Take a trip down to old Tucker's grave

See my summer soon

Enter this place and you'll not come out the same
Tucker makes sure that he'll enter your brain
And when the last drop's drunk and the gods have their way
There's every chance you'll think you're halfway insane
There's no turning back now there's no one can save
A poor soul who visits old Tucker's grave

See my summer soon.

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