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The Storyteller (2000)Edit

The Storyteller - The Storyteller
The Storyteller
  1. And The Legend Begins
  2. Guardians of Kali
  3. Always Be There
  4. Sense of Steel
  5. Power Within
  6. Book of Mystery
  7. Like A Wind
  8. A Test of Endurance And Strength
  9. Chant of the Thieves
  10. The Storyteller
  11. Chant of the Thieves (Acoustic)

Crossroad (2002)Edit

The Storyteller - Crossroad
  1. And The Legend Continues
  2. The Unknown
  3. The Secret's Revealed
  4. The Eye of the Storm
  5. A Passage Through the Mountain
  6. Ambush
  7. Loss of a Friend
  8. Crossroad
  9. Kingdom Above
  10. The Moment of Truth
  11. Moonchild (Bonus track, Japan only)

Tales of a Holy Quest (2003)Edit

The Storyteller - Tales of a Holy Quest
Tales of a Holy Quest
  1. Voices From the Past
  2. Seed of Lies
  3. Conviction
  4. A Holy Quest
  5. Words Out of Greed
  6. Chamber of Torture
  7. The Mass
  8. Blinded Eyes
  9. When All Hope Has Faded
  10. Trails of Blood
  11. ...And They Still Speak

Underworld (2005)Edit

The Storyteller - Underworld
  1. Changeling
  2. Eyes of the Dead
  3. The Fiddler
  4. Watcher in the Deep
  5. Your Time Has Come
  6. Beauty Is the Beast
  7. Underworld
  8. Magic Elements
  9. Shine On
  10. Ace of Spades

Dark Legacy (2013)Edit

The Storyteller - Dark Legacy
Dark Legacy
  1. Release Me
  2. Strength of Valhalla
  3. Dark Legacy
  4. Uninvited Guest
  5. Forever They Shall Kneel
  6. God of Gods
  7. Upon Your Icy Throne
  8. Sancto Spirito
  9. Break the Bounds
  10. Sands of Time
  11. Battle of Yggdrasil

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