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Nice and Nicely Done (2005)Edit

The Spinto Band - Nice and Nicely Done
Nice and Nicely Done
  1. Did I Tell You
  2. Brown Boxes
  3. Oh Mandy
  4. Trust Vs. Mistrust
  5. Spy Vs. Spy
  6. Crack The Whip
  7. Direct To Helmet
  8. Late
  9. So Kind, Stacy
  10. Mountains
  11. Japan Is An Island

Moonwink (2008)Edit

The Spinto Band - Moonwink
  1. Later On
  2. Vivian, Don't
  3. Summer Grof
  4. The Carnival
  5. Needlepoint
  6. The Cat's Pajamas
  7. They All Laughed
  8. Pumpkins & Paisley
  9. Ain't This the Truth
  10. Alphabetical Order
  11. The Black Flag
Bonus track on downloadable version
  1. The Cat's Pajamas (acoustic)

Shy Pursuit (2012)Edit

The Spinto Band - Shy Pursuit
Shy Pursuit
  1. Cookie Falls
  2. Muesli
  3. Take It
  4. Jackhammer
  5. Leave Yourself Alone
  6. Ada Lee
  7. Keep Them Alive
  8. Father's Office
  9. Out of It
  10. The Living Things

Cool Cocoon (2013)Edit

Cool Cocoon
  1. Shake It Off
  2. Amy + Jen
  3. What I Love
  4. Memo
  5. Look Away
  6. She Don't Want Me
  7. Static
  8. Enemy
  9. Na Na Na
  10. Breath Goes In

Other SongsEdit

  1. My Special Car
  2. Personal
  3. Road to Newark
  4. So Kind, Stacey
  5. Tractor

Group MembersEdit

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Former members
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