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The Singing City (1966)Edit

The Spinners - The Singing City
The Singing City
  1. The Orange and the Green
  2. The Leaving of Liverpool
  3. In My Liverpool Home
  4. Dirty Old Town
  5. Maggie May
  6. Marco Polo
  7. Liverpool Lullaby
  8. Manchester Rambler
  9. Liverpool Judies
  10. Jug O' Punch
  11. Drunken Sailor
  12. Three Jolly Boys

Liverpool to Coney Island (1976)Edit

The Spinners - Liverpool to Coney Island
Liverpool to Coney Island
  1. Navvy Boots
  2. Rothesay-O
  3. Liverpool Judies
  4. Liverpool Packet
  5. Coney Island Washboard
  6. When the Old Dun Cow Caught Fire
  7. Oleanna
  8. Mandy
  9. Blue Nose
  10. Teacher Lick the Gal
  11. Shine Eye Girl
  12. Pleasant and Delightful
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