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Halloween Candy

This song is by The Spinanes.

There she comes with her eyes down
Pours the poison in
Knows just who will bite
Into Halloween candy

I knew a girl in Mississippi
They called her an easy lay
As they sprinkled sugar
On top of Halloween candy

Razor blades and sharpened steel
Arsenic and things you shouldn't eat
Sometimes sweetness is not
What it seems

All this fainting and bluffing
Like a couple of dumb birds
I wish you'd fly into a window
Drunk on Halloween candy

This game we play where you might win
More likely to lose
End up stunned and choking on
Your own Halloween candy

Razor blades and sharper things
Cut in dreaded ways you shouldn't feel
Sometimes sweetness is not what it seems
Lately feels like every day is Halloween

Written by:

Rebecca Gates

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