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Greetings From The Sugar Lick

This song is by The Spinanes.

Stuck listening for amusement
To tall tales of perfect unions
Knocked out in the free round
The view sways into carpet
And gives way to blacking out
You oughta be here, dear

With your nice cars and old man bars
Well, give me a break, make him strong this time
All your bad plays, morning after days
Don't mean a thing to this hair of the dog crowd

You say she needs it, do you think she needs it?
The trouble with you is you just can't see the truth
We'll meet at your house, have it all out
Pull your clothes off, let's get this over with

Wash your mouth out, swirl it around

Booth sitter, trash tipper
All your weak complaints
They're just one more day gone wrong
You think she needs you
Show it cold stutter, bad lover
Hot shit, sugar rim licker

It's the twelfth night of the twelfth of never
We're just as classic and nowhere as pleasant


Written by:

Rebecca Gates

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