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​Melancholia At The Discothèque

This song is by The Spangle Maker and appears on the EP The Romantic Dysthymia (2007).

They say that today is the start of the rest of your days
To do as you please with volition divinely imparted
And if you wake up and move forward with an open heart
You tread on paths whose end is better than where you started.
And in this place of lumber, steel, light and sound
I hope to find my crystalline angel for the ascension.
A chance to activate these elegant yet dormant wings
To provide a beautiful means of tender protection.

I look around me with hope in my eyes
And dance through the smoke-laden air of the night.
And believe that the evening will carry me
Up to loftier heights with graceful embraces.

They say it's uncouth for one to drink alone
For life is rich and with sweet entities plentiful
And why would you engage in this enterprise
And make instead every moment lively and beautiful?
But I cannot help but succumb to the choice
Of imbibing in such lucid and mercurial spirits
That masks the cries of a broken heart
And puts on a fragile smile for collective portraits.

I look around me with tears in my eyes
And cry in the smoke-laden air of the night.
And fear that the evening will carry me
To the bitter-sweet gardens of the wintry underworld.

And yet the light breaks through the clouds
To show the path before my feet
And I am saved from falling down
Into the watery depths below
But then the road could lead me still
To the cold demise in the end
But I know that my future's laced
With nothing but shimmering beauty
And sweet sweet kisses.

They say that anger can eat you away
With such savage voracity and wither you down
To the point where you are utterly consumed
By the black humours forcing you to choke and drown.
But should I keep fighting this melancholic tide
When the land exiling me does not wish to save
This tortured soul with a crestfallen heart
Stuck here while everyone else is immersed in the rave?

I look around me with blood in my eyes
And scream at the smoke-laden air of the night.
And deem that the evening will carry me
Down to the raging fires where I'll be no more.

So now I wait for the dawn-light
To melt this cold embittered heart
For I can no longer bear this
Sub-zero atmosphere anymore
And maybe I can see again
A bright and glorious future
But why is it that I can only see
This future laced with nothing
But heartrending joys and sardonic smiles?