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Perfect Dear

This song is by The Softies.

You're perfect, dear and I like your style
But when you get too near, you run on by
Why are you so shy, your sweetie pie?

Ooh, ooh, you're perfect, dear

You're a little darling
You're a honey bun
But since you never talk

You're really not much fun
Do I scare you away
When I come too near?

Ooh, ooh, you're perfect, dear

I think of you almost all the time
Ooh, ooh, wanna make you mine
Ooh, ooh, waiting for the time
Ooh, ooh, that I'm your perfect dear

You're a little cherry, you're an angel face
Why don't you ever ask me back to your place?
It's not such a disgrace, be my valentine

Ooh, ooh, be my perfect dear


Written by:

Jessica Griffin

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