The Smithereens:God Save The Smithereens (1999)

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Album by The Smithereens.
  1. She's Got a Way
  2. House at the End of the World
  3. Everything Changes
  4. Flowers in the Blood
  5. The Long Loneliness
  6. Someday
  7. The Age of Innocence
  8. Gloomy Sunday
  9. I Believe
  10. All Revved Up
  11. Even If I Never Get Back Home
  12. Try
  13. The Last Good Time
Bonus tracks on 2005 reissue
  1. A World Apart (demo)
  2. This Is the Way the World Ends
  3. King of the World (demo)
  4. Sundown (demo)
  5. All Revved Up (demo)
  6. On the Beach (demo)
  7. House at the End of the World (VIP's EP version)
  8. I Want to Tell You
Bonus disc on 2005 reissue (reissue of Pat DiNizio's Songs and Sounds plus bonus tracks)
Pat DiNizio - Songs And Sounds
Songs and Sounds
  1. Where I Am Going (Jennie's Song)
  2. Nobody but Me
  3. 124 MPH
  4. Running, Jumping, Standing Still
  5. Everday World
  6. No Love Lost
  7. A World Apart
  8. Today It's You
  9. Liza
  10. Somewhere Down the Line
  11. You Should Know
  12. I'd Rather Have the Blues
  13. A Girl Like You (live)
  14. Yesterday Girl (live)
  15. Behind a Wall of Sleep (live)
  16. She's Got a Way (live)
  17. Blood and Roses (live)
  18. Someday Boy (demo)
  19. Afternoon Tea (demo)

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