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Play a Little Bit for Love

This song is by The Sleepy Jackson and appears on the album Personality (One Was a Spider, One Was a Bird) (2006).

This is the start of fashion, not the end
The truth don't come easily
If you don't let your ears breathe
High heels and wine frills and a cut of coloured car. Corvette corner, long fringe crooner or a black suit in my hood

You all wanted grace
But you just kept in line
You all wanted space, you just kept in line

You stole my lines from the fireplace
Replaced them with an old drunk tape
Don't really know if you want to see God around
I sure do know he don't hand at your loft
He's so far the middle
He can hardly wait to see me and all of us
Standing there

Play a little bit for love. Play a little bit for love


Written by:

Luke Steele

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