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This song is by The Skoidats and appears on the album A Cure for What Ales You (2000).

When I'm walkin' down the street
I look for trouble everywhere,
My pride so big, it can't be beat,
Though you try to meet my glare.
Don't you try to compete,
Those who cross me must beware.
Stompin' you would be my treat,
I look for trouble everywhere.

And when you see that aggro face
It's only you that I will chase,
I only want to introduce to you
The point that I shall make.

Say you've only crossed me once,
And only once is all it takes.
I won't have to prove myself 'cause
You're in trouble, you're not safe.

Yeah, I said my message to you is...

I will smash your fucking head,
Two ticks and I am seeing red.
I don't care what you have said,
I will stomp and kill you dead.

Oh right.

(I will rage) I will rage!
(I will reign) I will reign!
(I will rage) I will rage upon your soul!
(I will reign) I will reign forevermore!

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