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Jeckyll Vs. Hyde

This song is by The Skoidats and appears on the album A Cure for What Ales You (2000).

Let us get right to it
Your ranting and raving goes on and on
Do you even see that
The words you use are no longer strong
How could you believe that
I'd heed your words when you're full of shit?
False intimidation
The wrong way on a one way, you're going to get hit

No one could see behind those eyes
Is it hate, love, or pride?
I won't back down

I can see right through it
The black shade on your eyes made you blind
And I will see to it
You deserve what you get. Pain is what you'll find
Because you'll never do it
Don't turn away when you've sparked the flame
Just stand up or screw it!
Fire in the eyes makes a man insane


You won't be mistaken,
It's plain to see one chance is all I get
You've never been taken
Away from your pride or the confidence
You won't hesitate then,
If I give a test will you fail or pass?
You don't separate them
Strength in foundation, pride in your stance.

No one could see behind those eyes
See that the right conclusion is reached
I won't give up

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