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Take It Easy

This song is by The Skatastrophes and appears on the album 'Bout Damn Time (2007).

Everybody's telling me I'm so good
And everybody's telling me that I should
Get out of here while I still have the chance
And everybody's got their own fantasies
And they all try to push them on me
While I sit idly, making my own plans

And they might say "man, take it easy" but I just can't stop now
I'm not as insignificant as I thought I was before
Not gonna let you tell me "sit this one out"
Because I've tried that before, and it didn't do me any good
And I'm not trying to be better than you
I'm just learning how to live

And everybody's saying to me "hey man, this is the chance you get!
And this Cleveland skyline's looking more pathetic
Every time I look downtown into the sun
So don't pass this one up, my friend!
Here's an opportunity to make the end
Come sooner than you ever thought it would"

And they might say "I think I'm dying in this Midwest steel town"
But it's just something missing in their lives
I'm learning how to make the best of every situation
And maybe in the long run it will keep me safe inside
From all the things I've come so close to turning into
I'll stop it all before it starts

Hey everybody! Let's set the record straight for now!

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