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I Hope You're Happy

This song is by The Skatastrophes and appears on the album 'Bout Damn Time (2007).

I sang the songs, I danced at every single show.
Those warm receptions were the best I'd ever known.
But somewhere along the line it all became contrived.
The conversations in the street all said, "that music's died."

Yeah, this place is dead man, there's nothing left
But a couple old fliers and a thousand empty heads
I played along and did the best I could
But it's not that easy.
So stoke the fire and watch the smoke
Our scene's become nothing but an inside joke.
And the worst part is that no one laughs anymore
We're not unmotivated, no! We're all just bored.

So when I'm gone, just deliver this message for me
I hope you're happy with your mediocre scene.
And when it all goes wrong, just remember this message for me
I hope you're happy with your mediocre scene.

The truth is that it's all what you make of it
There's no sense in just throwing the towel in.
So you can talk about it all you want
But it's not that easy.
See, everybody's got their own insecurities.
And this weight that's on my shoulders is killing me.
But I'll be damned if I'm not staying positive -
I'm still singing loud.

So you can dance with us or just head right on home.
Cause all these people, yeah they're the best I know.

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