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The Skatastrophes
This song is performed by The Skatastrophes and appears on the album 'Bout Damn Time (2007).
Everybody's gone out drinking
I'm staring at a blank screen thinking
Home again on this Friday night
But it doesn't really matter cause it's all alright

And I was never one to care, I'm just scared, under skilled and unprepared
For whatever comes my way

And I know I might not make it
But that's just how it goes (how it goes)
And if I had a chance I'd take it
But I'm pathetic and it shows
So here it goes.

Everything's so complicated
Maybe I was just born frustrated
I'll close my eyes and I'll think of something better
And maybe that way I'll forget her

And I know that you don't know, and it shows,
But I guess that's how it goes.
There is nothing we can do.

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