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Down for the Count

This song is by The Skatastrophes and appears on the album 'Bout Damn Time (2007).

Well, there was a time when you got out of line. Could have put it all behind, but instead you went to whine about the time that you were blind, you couldn't see, lost your mind, you couldn't think... but everybody knows it's just a lie. And you try to pretend that you were fine at the end of the night you didn't let pass by. Otherwise, you might have been a friend of mine.

(She said don't go) She said she didn't want to let me go just yet.
(That's just too bad) Well that's too bad, 'cause I'm already gone
(She hoped I'd know) She said she didn't want to let me know just yet.
(That's just too bad) Well it's too bad, 'cause I'm already gone.

Well, I remember that night, just messing around. Don't stop 'cause I hope you're taking this all down. Just let it all go and we'll take it from there - it doesn't seem like it but somewhere inside I still care. And this might come to you as a surprise, I never believed any of your lies. Just give it up because you can't win this time.

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